improving your scores the fastest way..How?

7 ways you can boost your credit the fastest way

#1 – Rapid re-score

Consult your loan officer or lender first. He/she will let you know what is hurting your credit report. Pay off some of the debts down if you can so you can bring your debt ratios down. Your goal should be under 25% of utilization on each single credit card. Once you have done this, tell your lender or loan officer to do a rapid re-score for you. Your improved scores will show within 4-5 days. This is the best strategy if you’re looking into buying your new house, a new car, or re-financing your home. With rapid re-score, you will qualify for a much better interest rate and will save thousands of dollars throughout the life of the loan. Questions? Call

#2 – Pay down your credit card balances

Rule of the thumb is that no matter what.. your remaining balance of each credit card must be less than 25 to 30%. So, let’s say you have a credit card with a limit of $5000.00. Your goal is to charge that card no more than $1,500.00. Better if less than $1,250.00. This includes even the store cards like walmart or jcpenney. Questions? Call us.

#3 – Transfer your car loan to someone else..a family member

Once you transfer your car loan to somebody else, your debt ratio will be reduced immediately and the credit score will go up. Especially if you’re looking into buying a house or refinancing it. Give us a call and we can help you with that too.

#4 – Increase your credit limits on all credit cards you have.

Simply call your credit card company individually and request for the limit increase. They will ask the reason and you can give any. If you need any suggestions on what to answer on this question, just give us a call and we will be happy to assist. Once the limits are increased, make sure NOT to charge more. Remember, you need to be at 30% or less at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS and NEVER.

#5 – Get a co-signer for loans or credit cards

A co-signer with a good credit history can get you on board for a loan or credit card if you’re able to get by yourself.

#6 – Get a secured credit card

If you’re facing difficulty getting credit cards, try getting a secured credit card. They will ask you to deposit up-front some money and issue you a credit card for the amount you deposited with them. If you want to increase the limit, simply deposit more money with them. This is the quickest strategy to re-establish your credit as these cards also report to credit reporting agencies. Remember, although this is going to be a secured credit card and you have already paid for all the amount for the limit, YOU STILL CAN NOT CHARGE MORE THAN 30%. Give us a call and we can suggest you the best credit cards who offer secured cards.

#7 – Consolidate all your credit cards and loans through Home Equity line of Credit–HELOC

If you have a house and some equity in it, get the line of credit though your house and pay off all your credit cards and other loans. We’re sure you know already that credit cards charge hefty amount towards interest charges and late fees. This is one of the best tools where you can ease your life and pay for every single loan with just 1 payment to your HELOC account.

While you’re trying to build your credit, please make sure NOT to apply for any Loan during this process. Any hard inquiry will damage your credit scoring.

These are some of the strategies you can choose to improve your credit the quickest way. However, if you are in a different situation, just call Credit 2 FIX. com and one of us will analyse your credit situation and guide you through.

Why you must do your Credit check.

Credit range is between 350 to 850. I have seen people’s credits as low as 400 and I have also seen them as high as 820. Mine is 807ūü§ö Hoorray!!. So just for the heck, I pulled my own credit report to see what’s going on. Guess what? I found some¬† negative¬† information that was over 12 years old sitting there. Accounts had been fully paid but still showing. As per the statue of limitations, this should not be showing there. Basically, this dragged my credit score down. Maybe little bit..but it did. So I’m trying to say is if my credit report with 800+ is not flawless, how could be anyone elses???

Guys, you must do your credit check once in a while and see what is going on. If something is not right..don’t be afraid to write to credit reporting agency and dispute it. Most of the times, you can fix yourself lot of things in your credit report. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write me a comment on my facebook page ..

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